AET-GPB educate Americans on the risks of childhood obesity

November 03, 2015

In 2008 Aetna and the Aetna Foundation awarded community grants and sponsorships in Georgia totaling $725,000, with a particular focus on diabetes and related conditions. Year to date for 2009, they have awarded $596,000 for similar programs. Aetna provides health benefits to more than 600,000 people in Georgia.

???Obesity is a major health challenge, one that is diminishing the quality of life of people in our community,??? said Cynthia Follmer, president of Aetna??�s Georgia market. ???Our children, particularly those from lower-income families, are particularly at risk. Working with Georgia Public Broadcasting, we??�re committed to doing what we can to get people thinking about what they can do to combat obesity, and to provide support as they make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.???

According to a National Health and Nutrition survey, 2.7 million U.S. children are severely obese. The rate of severe childhood obesity has tripled over the past 25 years, putting increasing numbers of children at risk for diabetes and heart disease. In Georgia, 24 percent of school children are obese by the time they enter third grade, according to a recent report issued by the Department of Human Resources, Division of Public Health.