BMC and Clear One Health Plans team up to offer first Focused Patient Care Model

December 16, 2015

Physician Team Accountability: Physicians and medical personnel proactively focus on preventative care measures; efforts to help patients on a continual basis; ability to connect patients with appropriate specialists within the physician team; and overall quality treatment and care outcomes. Open Scheduling: Improved scheduling and more same-day appointments for treatment will improve access to care. Nurse Case Manager: Nurse Case Managers will coordinate chronic disease care with the patient and the physician team, which will improve care while reducing the chance for duplicate tests and unnecessary hospitalizations, which ultimately lead to lower costs. When needed, the Nurse Case Manager will also work closely with physicians and others to better coordinate the transitions to and from hospital care. Better Use of Physician Skills: The model encourages and recognizes the value of physician-led teams spending time to anticipate patient care needs while finding ways to prevent illness and expensive reactive care.

Source: Bend Memorial Clinic