CIGNA and Prohealth Physicians to implement an enhanced care coordination program

November 15, 2015

???ProHealth remains committed to transforming the delivery of care and we are very pleased to be working with CIGNA to exemplify the improvements that can be attained through our collaboration,??? said Dr. Jim Cox-Chapman, chief medical officer of ProHealth. ???This relationship will enable each of our organizations to contribute our unique strengths toward improving clinical outcomes, providing more comprehensive coordination of care, and applying the fundamental principles of the medical home model to increase access and reduce unnecessary duplication of services. Through the use of technology and enhanced data tools, the health care professionals in our practice will be enabled to make informed decisions, develop care plans, and offer educational materials that allow patients to better engage in self-care that extends beyond the office visit.???

ProHealth will develop and adopt care guides for five chronic conditions - diabetes, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, asthma and a fifth chronic condition that will be identified later. The arrangement also calls for ProHealth to use electronic health records and e-prescribing for greater efficiency and to increase patient access through extended daily hours, telephonic consulting on weekends and by providing weekend acute care.

The care coordination program will focus on three categories of high risk participants initially: people at high risk for hospital readmission, those at high risk for health deterioration, and individuals identified through CIGNA??�s Well Informed reporting.