Diagnostic Devices relocates manufacturing jobs to U.S from China

October 05, 2015

During the past several decades, scores of U.S. companies followed suit and moved overseas to reduce manufacturing costs. As DDI now prepares to essentially reverse the original relocation, their bold and unconventional move is again getting attention.

"Quite frankly, we were initially called 'crazy' when we decided to move manufacturing to China," Rick Admani Abulhaj said. "The move proved to be highly successful and we're proud to have been a forerunner in that trend. We're raising eyebrows once again with this unconventional move back and we stand confident that other companies will again follow our lead in a trend that will strengthen bottom lines and our domestic economy."

The Abulhaj brothers have 18 years of manufacturing experience in China. The move to relocate these jobs represents a fundamental shift in the way DDI has decided to approach the future. During the next 18 months, DDI will complete the transition, bringing almost 200 jobs to the Charlotte, N.C. area and creating a manufacturing-and-distribution facility that utilizes the latest manufacturing technologies.

Source: prodigymeter