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October 30, 2015

???For example, obesity is an avoidable condition,??? Dr. Seibel continues. ???Yet a study released this summer showed that obesity alone is responsible for over 9% of all U.S. health care spending. That??�s why I have written songs like the ???Phat Fat Rap,??� ???Exercise,??� and ???Don??�t Be Afraid of a Squash??� to encourage exercise and eating habits that fight obesity. Another illustration is simple songs that I??�ve written about hand washing and nose- and mouth-covering techniques, to educate grade school and college students alike about the best ways to prevent the spread of the H1N1 flu virus.???

Dr. Seibel has for more than 25 years been a respected physician, educator, speaker and author, establishing himself as a national authority in health education. He spent nearly two decades on the Harvard Medical School faculty before assuming his current position as a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Seibel has won national awards for research, writing, and patient education, and has the unique ability to translate his sophisticated medical knowledge into understandable songs that make a difference in people??�s lives.

???If you can sing about it, you can talk about it. If you can talk about it, you can act on it,??? Dr. Seibel concludes. ???By making preventive health care simple and enjoyable, my songs have a clear and rational message about practical steps everyone can take to play a positive role in America??�s health care crisis.???

Source: University of Massachusetts Medical School