Impact of wellness programs on the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and device product market

November 17, 2015

If wellness programs are effective, there should be an impact on all healthcare industries: pharmaceuticals, devices and diagnostics. Positive impact for some, negative for others. As part of Kalorama's unique analysis on this topic, this report also takes a look at how the popularity of wellness programs will effect other markets. The report estimates the positive or negative sales impact of wellness programs upon established U.S. markets for various health care products and services including:

Allergy MedicinesCholesterol ReducersDiabetes DrugsGastrointestinal Medications/Proton Pump InhibitorsHypertension Medicines Over-the-Counter (OTC) MedicinesInfluenza VaccinesCervical Cancer VaccinesDiagnostic TestsCardiovascular, Gastric Banding, and other DevicesSurgeries, ImagingOther Medical Services

SOURCE Reportlinker