LIVESTRONGTM.COM compiles tools to help users maintain healthy living

January 17, 2016

MyPlate on LIVESTRONG??�An interactive calorie tracker that draws from a database of more than 625,000 food items and 2,500 exercises. Users track their nutrition against an individually calculated caloric goal, inputting the food they consume and different fitness activities throughout the day. MyPlate provides a breakdown of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, enabling users to view a comprehensive snapshot of their nutrition. MyPlate D ??� A newly launched tool, this feature is set with complete nutrition tracking for people with diabetes and enables users to monitor their glucose and track insulin. LIVESTRONG Loops??�A web application that enables users to map exercise routes in their local areas and beyond. Loops also allows members to track distance completed and match that against their nutritional intake and helps members discover new routes and paths to expand their workouts. Mobile Applications for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android??�The Calorie Tracker applications provide support anytime, anywhere. To date, more than 1 million applications have been downloaded, and 30 percent of all food and fitness tracking come from mobile applications. Dares on LIVESTRONG??�A site differentiating feature that provides motivation, goal-setting and community support by enabling users to challenge themselves, and others, to tackle actionable objectives. Dares connect members with similar goals, and provides them with a discussion forum, and guidance from experts. To date, more than 175,000 Dares have been taken, including more than 6,000 members who ???Dare to Quit Smoking.

???One of the key elements of eating well is to understand what you are putting into your body,??? said Alyse Levine MS, RD, and LIVESTRONG nutritionist. ???LIVESTRONG takes the guesswork out of calorie tracking so users can see exactly what they eat and how it affects their bodies. This enables users to make healthier choices to improve their lives.???

To date, LIVESTRONG users have successfully lost more than 5 million pounds, and burned almost 3 billion calories by tracking their exercise and food on LIVESTRONG.