New nutrition product to address effects of Glycation

March 07, 2016

The driving force behind Mineral BioScience's Totala? Nutrients' proprietary ingredient is Roger Blotsky, CEO, "Our significant independent studies have verified that TOTALA? can play a significant roll in promoting better health and aid in the fight against the ravages of glycation.  We are pleased to offer food, beverage and supplement manufacturers the opportunity to include Totala? Nutrients in their products. Totala? is now being offered in bulk or capsules form for private label use".

As part of the launch for TOTALA? Nutrients, Mineral BioScience will be showcasing their products at ExpoWest in Anaheim, California, booth# 5754. A special feature of this launch is the introduction of a book entitled LONGEVITY SOLUTIONS ?? BREAKING THE GLYCATION CONNECTION authored by Frederic J. Vagnini, M.D., FACS. This newly published book features 200+ pages on a step-by-step guide to prevention, detection, treatment and reversal of sugar-related disease.

SOURCE Mineral BioSciences LLC