New state-of-the-art biotechnology center opened on the West Coast

December 06, 2015

"We want to continue this positive innovation trend in autoimmunity, cancer, diabetes, as well as other diseases for which there is an unmet need," said Bumol. "In doing so, we are leveraging our deep therapeutic expertise, as well as our small molecule and biotech capabilities."

An Environmentally-Friendly Building

The Lilly Biotechnology Center is located within a 450,000-foot facility known as Campus Pointe, which was developed, and is owned and managed, by Veralliance Properties of San Diego. Veralliance has partnered with Prudential Real Estate Investors on the development. Lilly is leasing approximately a quarter of Campus Pointe from Veralliance.

Campus Pointe is in the final stages of review to become California's first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified Core and Shell facility at the Platinum level. The Platinum certification, if granted, would mean that the building has met the highest level of criteria set by the U.S. Green Building Council for environmental responsibility through site sustainability, water efficiency, energy usage and indoor environmental quality, and material utilization.

"There are currently 11 LEED-certified Core and Shell Platinum projects worldwide, but none in California," said Tom Lunneberg, principal of Innovative Energy Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in energy efficiency for commercial buildings and headquartered in Carlsbad, California. "Campus Pointe could become the first Platinum Core and Shell project in California, and would be one of only eight in the United States."

Environmentally-responsible features of Campus Pointe include:

Renewable energy production through use of solar array. Optimal indoor air quality through enhanced HVAC commissioning and carbon dioxide monitoring Water-saving features, including low-flow fixtures, reclaimed water for both landscaping and the building's cooling system, and drought-tolerant landscapingRenovation of an existing building (vs. building a new one) and use of recycled materials in the process. Also, many of the site's existing trees were preserved in the re-development.Certified, renewable wood products throughout.

In addition, Campus Pointe has parking for hybrid vehicles and is immediately accessible to public transportation.

"Campus Pointe was conceived as an opportunity to set a new development standard for life science and office projects by providing a highly amenitized space while sparingly drawing on our planet's natural resources," said Daniel Ryan, president of Veralliance.

SOURCE Eli Lilly and Company