NMA to discuss the impact of health care reform on health disparities

March 24, 2016

33.5% of Latinos, 20.4% of Blacks, 17% of Asian Americans and 12.1% of Caucasians are uninsured. Source: (Cover the Uninsured, Facts and Research, Race/Ethnicity, Percentage Uninsured among the Non-Elderly Population by Race and Ethnic Origin Chart. covertheuninsured/content/raceethnicity). In the U.S., 11.4% of all non-Hispanic blacks aged 20 years or older have diabetes, and African Americans are twice more likely to have type 2 diabetes as whites of similar age (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Diabetes: Data & Trends. Source: cdc/diabetes/statistics/prev/national/index.htm  African Americans/Blacks continue to suffer the greatest burden for each of the most common types of cancer and a 25% higher death rater for all cancers combined. Source: (National Cancer Institute, Cancer Topics, Cancer Health Disparities, cancer/cancertopics/factsheet/cancer-health-disparities/disparities) Tuberculosis is 24 times more common among Asians, with a disparate rate of 26.3 as compared to 1.1 for the White population. Source: (Office of Minority Health, Data/Statistics, Asian American/Pacific Islander Profile.>

SOURCE National Medical Association