School-based program raises awareness about preventing type 2 diabetes

March 25, 2016

Beginning today until April 22nd, approximately 10,000 students at the 30 winning schools across Canada will participate in this unique edutainment experience. First launched in 2005, Everyone Jump was developed by Ophea and Children's Hour Productions, in consultation with the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Hospital for Sick Children. In partnership with Novo Nordisk Canada Inc., a leader in diabetes treatment and care, the program was expanded to thousands of students in six provinces, with the concert prizes being awarded to winners of the Everyone Jump Educational Challenge.

"The partnership between Ophea and Novo Nordisk shows the positive impact corporate and non-profit sector partnerships can make to change diabetes for the better in Canada," said Vince Lamanna, President, Novo Nordisk Canada. "With increased efforts towards prevention, we can break the upward trend of diabetes cases and reduce demand on the healthcare system."

Everyone Jump builds awareness of the importance of regular physical activity and healthy eating as a way to prevent type 2 diabetes. The resource is available to every public and Catholic elementary school in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. For a complete list of winning schools, please visit www.everyonejump.