Trends in the global kidney dialysis equipment and supplies market

December 27, 2015

Global Dialysis Market - An Overview A Rapidly Expanding ESRD Patient Population Outlook Issues & Trends Aging Population - A Boosting Factor Driving Forces into the Future Changing Face of Dialysis Industry Innovations Spruce Up the Market Services Take the Driver's Seat Emerging Markets to Drive Growth Home Hemodialysis - Opportunities for Growth Anemia - A Growing Concern Among Renal Failure Patients Barriers to Entry Significantly High in Dialyzers Market Pricing Pressures Service Providers Vary with Region(s) Consolidation Activity in the Services Sector An Insight into Merger and Acquisition Activity in the Dialysis Service Market (2006-2008) Distribution of Dialysis Patients by Modality US: Home to Largest Number of Hemodialysis Patients


'Big Three' Rule the Roost Competitive Assessment of Leading Players Ranking of Leading Players in Dialysis Products Market


Hemodialysis Peritoneal Dialysis Trends of Specific Product Segments Hemodialysis Machines Dialyzers