U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awards new patent for Ryogen

December 14, 2015

People on the priority list for the H1N1 vaccine should get it as soon as it is available this fall. Workers who frequently travel both domestically and internationally should receive the vaccine. Also, cautiously distance yourself and loved ones from people at work, school and those you interact with socially.

One of the main concerns for most companies is to prevent high absentee rates. Executives need to consider whether employees would be equipped to work from home during a pandemic, and how to care for employees who may suddenly become seriously ill while at work. In addition, it is recommended that employers should adopt a more relaxed sick-leave policy to prevent sick employees from feeling pressured to show up to work. This includes the consideration of hourly workers, who don't get paid when they don't come to work.

Also, managers should supply staff with antibacterial wipes to clean work areas and telephones. A well thought-out plan is important before it is disseminated to employees, and employers should be sensitive to drawing a fine line between educating people and scaring them.

SOURCE: Emergency Management & Safety Solutions