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October 23, 2015

With tips and ideas from experts like Myra Goodman, cookbook author and co-founder of Earthbound Farm, the world's largest grower of organic produce, and Raising Baby Green author Dr. Alan Greene, and recipes from celebrity moms such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep and the "Renegade Lunch Lady" chef Ann Cooper, Eat Healthy is a comprehensive, easy-to-read online guide. It's filled with easy, delicious (yet kid-friendly) recipes; articles offering solutions to some of today's most worrisome food issues; cooking and nutrition videos; and even downloadable pocket shopping guides like "Healthy School Lunch" and "Healthy Formula & Food," so you can always keep the wisdom of Eat Healthy with you.

Other Eat Healthy resources include:

Tips to take to the grocery store, including the most and least pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables and the best healthy, kid-approved snacks Eight simple steps for making healthier, greener food choices for your family's diet Recipes for eating right on a budget A checklist of safe fish for children, teens and women of child-bearing age How to limit your child's intake of food additives

"Eat Healthy was created to help parents make nourishing food fast, frugal, fun and eco-friendly, but also to be a community," said Gavigan. "We want to encourage parents and caregivers to submit their recipes and tips. Your child's favorite snack could be the answer for another mom in search of fun, healthy mealtime ideas."

Source: healthychild